Small Weights First!

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If you are getting into body building, you probably have tried to lift 10, 30, or even 50 lbs of weights doing all sorts of workouts. It is really good that you have gotten into body building and weight lifting, but you must know that going for the smaller weights first is so important to help sustain your health and keep you healthy. If you are just getting started, do not get carried away to the point where you will go on lifting heavier weights right off the bat. Using small weights first is the key to building you a good and strong foundation that will help you out for the future.

Why you should use small weights first

- Gain endurance

You can help yourself gain endurance. Sometimes, when people go working out right away, it is really bad to go and lift weights right off the bat that are too heavy. When you first get started, you need to gain more endurance as much as possible. The smaller weights first will help you to lift weights slowly and gain more strength. You will be able to see how far you can go with your health.

- Build foundation

It is best to also look out for building your foundation while you can. Starting off with smaller weights is the key to being able to build your strength and foundation for the future. Sometimes, if you lift weights way too quickly, you will be ruining your bones and strength completely. You may be ruining your health in so many ways when you lift too much too fast. By starting off small, you will gain strength little by little.

Seek help from a professional

Find a good trainer who can help create a set plan or routine for you to follow that will help you build muscle slowly. It is nearly impossible to see results unless you actually understand what you are doing. Professionals who know what they are doing should know how much you should and shouldn’t lift. Let them choose how little and how much you should be lifting. Too much or too little is bad, so the right trainer who knows what they are doing should be able to help you out successfully. Workout trainers who were once bodybuilders are great to consult for help since they know the importance to use small weights first and build off from there.

Working out in the gym is all about perfectly knowing how to train your body to lift more and more weights. By following a set program that will help you out, then you need a professional trainer to help you out the most. Most professionals usually do not know what they are doing in the gym. By simply working out the right way, you can be sure to see better results when you lift small weights first and you get professional help.

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Process Of A Detox Diet


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You might have seen the interviews of the celebrities who lose weight due to detox diet and now you might be wondering that is it true? The answer is yes but, you need to understand the basics of doing so.

Consult your doctor before you start with a smoothie detox diet  plan to make sure that is safe for you. Women who are pregnant must not start with a detox diet. Medical condition also influences the decision of taking a detox diet.

You need to consider the preparation phase to be taken up before you start with a detox diet recipes. For this, you need to cut down the consumption of certain items like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, sweets prior a week. Drink lots of water and take sufficient rest.

Prepare your body by exercising for 20 to 30 minutes daily. You must continue this after starting your detox diet which will help you maintain your energy levels.

Go and buy some fresh fruits and leafy vegetables which you will feed upon for the next few days. Though, you should use organic fruits and vegetables but, if not, do not forget to peel off their skin and wash properly before eating them.

Not all the detox diets suggest eating raw food items. While, some will also suggest to eat a major part raw and the remaining as cooked.

You do not need to repeat the fruits and vegetables throughout your detox diet. Try and find out which ones are actually working on your body. You can use a mix of carrots, celery, spinach and tomatoes as well. If you are taking fruits then, use the blend of apple and pineapple avoiding orange as it is acidic.

Juice will be really helpful but a blend will also work in the same way. You must drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water and take 64 ounces of fruits and vegetables in your detox diet.

If you are not able to finish your drink in the same day, does not worry as fruit juices remain in their original content for the next 3 -4 days and vegetable juices for 5-6 days.

For a 3 days detox diet plan, try to ass some more fruits and vegetables in your eating plan. If between the programs, you feel weak or dizzy, then consult your doctor and stop the detox plan.

Suppose your detox diet is over, now what can you do next? But, continuing with a detox diet for a long time might affect your health, so you must start with the solid foods.

If you are satisfied with your detox plan, you can repeat it again in few days. But as per experts’ advice, a detox plan should be taken once or twice a year.

Detox diet helps in cleaning your body system from inside. But, your body only looses lots of water which can be extracted back by your normal diet plan.

There are numerous detox diet plans but, you must select a suitable one after knowing everything about it.